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Savor the Delicious and Luscious Taste of These Spearmint Recipes

Savor the Delicious and Luscious Taste of These Spearmint Recipes

A special and useful herb that usually grows in places that have well-watered soils and fair weather, spearmint is commonly included in appetizers, dishes, and deserts, to improve their tastes and appearances. Examples of luscious dishes that make use of spearmint as one of their main ingredients are Grilled Spearmint Chicken, Tabouli, and Roasted Leg of Lamb. Meanwhile, spearmint recipes that are easy to prepare are Herbal Salad and Spearmint Cream Pie with Fresh Peaches.

Grilled Spearmint Chicken

In this tasty dish, spearmint is used as a flavoring to the chicken. For those who are in a rush, they can try this delicious spearmint recipe because it can be prepared quite quickly. Other herbs used in the dish are oregano, parsley, and basil. Marinate the chicken in a mixture that includes spearmint, tomatoes, lemon juice, and olive oil, for several hours. Grill the chicken and use chopped spearmint leaves to garnish the dish.


In the spearmint recipe, the herb is used to bring out the true flavor of the salad. Some of the key ingredients in Tabouli are dry wheat, fresh lemon, and scallions. For seasoning, it is best to add salt, pepper, and lime juice. Before serving this appetizer, they can garnish it with excess spearmint leaves to make it more luring.

Roasted Leg of Lamb

For special occasions, people can serve the delicious spearmint recipe Roasted Leg of Lamb. In this sumptuous recipe, spearmint is added to make it refreshing and tasty. Main ingredients in the dish include leg of lamb, wine, and lime juice. To bring out the true flavor of the dish, it is best to season it with other herbs such as oregano.

Herbal Salad

When it comes to appetizers, everyone can prepare this simple but healthy and delicious salad. In this dish, spearmint is used to improve the taste of the salad dressing. Other important ingredients in this spearmint recipe are yogurt, cucumber, and lemon. Aside from spearmint, it is best to add chives and dill to bring out the real taste of this starter.

Spearmint Cream Pie with Fresh Peaches

This spearmint recipe is a tasty and refreshing desert to serve in special occasions and family gatherings. With fresh peaches, apple jelly, and eggs as some of the key ingredients, the dish will definitely be satisfying and luscious. Basically, spearmint is used in this recipe to compliment the sweet taste from other ingredients like sugar, milk, and whipping cream.

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