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Advantages of Growing Herbs in the Kitchen

Advantages of Growing Herbs in the Kitchen

Having an herbal garden is a dream of some cooks and herb experts. There are various reasons for having a herbal garden, however not everyone can have this. But this should not be a cause for dismay for people who would really like to grow their own herbs. There are now ways on growing herbs right in the kitchen. In fact, growing herbs in the kitchen is gaining popularity even among food experts. This is because of the many advantages of having a herbal garden in the kitchen.

1. Growing herbs in the kitchen is a great way to reduce stress.

For many people, gardening is a way to reduce their daily stress. However, if you don’t have the space for an outdoor herb garden, you may have a kitchen herb garden even with just a limited space. The same distressing effect may also be achieved through an indoor herb garden. In addition, being surrounded by the aromas of the herbs in your kitchen, you can feel the calming effects of the herbs even without preparing a concoction or recipe from them.

2. Having your own kitchen herb garden will allow you to choose your own herbs.

If you buy your herbs from the supermarket, it is possible that there is only one type of preparation for each plant. For example, most supermarkets only sell sweet basil. However, there are about thirty types of basil that you may also use. You may experiment with using cinnamon basil, Italian basil or anise basil if you grown your herbs in the kitchen.

3. You may share the herbs that you grow in your kitchen.

Having your own indoor herb garden will allow you to share some of your herbs with friends and neighbors. It is very likely that you will have more than enough herbs than what you need for your recipes. You can pack these herbs in presentable containers and give them as gifts to the hostess when you come to a party. These herbs are also nice gifts for almost any occasion.

4. Growing herbs in the kitchen doesn’t need much maintenance.

Compared with having an outdoor garden, growing herbs indoors doesn’t require you to come out of the house, bend or kneel to till soil and stay long in the sun to take care of the herbs. Taking care of the herbs in the plant pots in your kitchen is less messy and doesn’t require moving around a lot.

There are many advantages to growing herbs in the kitchen but the best reason for doing this is to have the herbs that you need anytime you want them.

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