How to Grow and Use Herbs
Choosing Herb Seeds for Good Health

Choosing Herb Seeds for Good Health

Organic food and food supplements—these are the latest craze in the world today, health buff or no health buff. Experts say the human body, being natural, will only be healed and turn healthy with truly natural and organically grown food. And herb seeds are among the best natural plant food that can be grown organically.

Here is a guideline on how to choose the herb seeds that are ideal for good health or to be taken as supplements for healing purposes.

First, herb seeds should be grown organically. This means, make sure the herb seeds were not exposed to synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. There are growers of herb seeds who painstakingly build an enclosed environment (green houses) for growing herb seeds to make sure that they’re grown organically. Bees and other insects exposed to flowers or plants treated with synthetic pesticides or fertilizers have a big chance of also landing on their herb seeds, contaminating them in the process, so growers segregate their plants in isolated and screen-covered environments.

Organic fertilizers and pesticides are then applied on the herb seeds. The organic pesticides make sure insects that manage to slip through the enclosed environment are dealt with, without harming the herb seeds being grown. It is possible to ingest a dangerous amount of chemicals from inorganic fertilizers and pesticides when the herb seeds were grown inorganically. This is especially so when the herb seeds are to be taken raw. So make sure they are certified organic.

Second, herb seeds sourced from other places other than enclosed or protected surroundings should have had a natural environment. Some people want their herb seeds wild, grown by nature itself. However, chemical exposure makes herb seeds detrimental instead of supplemental to health and healing. So make sure the place where the wild herb seeds were sourced is free from any chemical exposure or even pollution.

Most harvesters of wild herb seeds follow a zoning procedure to ensure that the natural environment of wild herb seeds is free from chemical or pollution hazards. The ecology of the region or zone is carefully studied to make sure that it is indeed an area undisturbed by unnatural processes. Wild herb seeds only need natural moisture, rain, sunlight, and the natural interaction of flora and fauna in the wilds.

Some people prefer to grow herb seeds in their backyards. They just buy packs of herb seeds and plant these in their backyards or in small pots according to plating and germinating procedures indicated on the packets. Just imagine, healthy and medicinal herb seeds right outside your door!

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