How to Grow and Use Herbs
Essential Factors to Consider When Growing Herbs

Essential Factors to Consider When Growing Herbs

Growing herbs is simple and enjoyable, however, it requires dedication to everyone who wants to maximize the opportunities that this task brings. For new gardeners who want to cultivate herbs, they should have a background on the fundamental steps for growing these plants. It is best that people have a broad understanding on the various types of herbs, as well as the factors to consider when planting herbs in indoor gardens and outdoor gardens.

Learning the Various Types of Herbs

When growing herbs, the first thing to know is the type of the plant that they want to culture since it has a great influence on the methods that they will use in the cultivation, propagation, and preservation of the herb. Gardeners classify herbs based in their uses and life span. Herbs that have aromatic uses include rosemary, marjoram, mint, and lovage. On the other hand, those that are known for their culinary uses are parsley, celery, and chives. Herbs that have colorful and attractive flowers are categorized as ornamental herbs, which include thyme and lavender. Finally, herbs that have distinct medicinal uses are aloe, anise, and cilantro.

When it comes to the life span of herbs, gardeners classify them into three categories; annual, biennial, perennial. Annual herbs include dill, coriander, and chervil. Meanwhile, examples of biennial herbs are parsley and caraway. Lastly, perennial herbs include fennel, mint, and tarragon

Growing Herbs in an Indoor Garden

For individuals who want to grow herbs in an indoor garden, they should choose a place in the southern or western part of their homes. Most herbs need sufficient lighting so as an alternative to sunlight, it is best to put fluorescent lights in their indoor gardens. Drainage and watering are also important when growing a herb. Containers and pots should have good drainage. In addition, gardeners must also know the appropriate amount of water a particular herb needs to avoid hindering the growth of the plant.

Growing Herbs in an Outdoor Setting

For those who want to add herbs in their outdoor gardens, one of the most significant factors that they should consider when growing a herb is the resistance of the plants to temperature changes. Many herbs are delicate so it is best that they be protected during winter. Gardeners should also know when to apply fertilizers and insecticides to the herbs to enhance their development and growth. Above all, it is best that they have knowledge on the proper preservation of the useful parts of the herbs after harvesting them.

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