Growing Herbs Indoors from Seeds to Create a Magic Garden

Indoor herbs can bring enjoyment to the home owner not only by having a great amount of herbs to use for cooking and making tea, but also for the general atmosphere and smell of the home. Not all plants come in their grown form but they are sold as seeds and today we will be talking about the best ways of growing herbs indoors from seeds.

The most important part about growing herbs indoors from seeds is the germination process of the seed. Germinating the seed is the process of having the first growth and this does usually take some time. In order to speed up the process of growing herbs indoors from seeds, you can place the seed type into wet napkins and store them in a heated but dark place. The place and temperature of storage often depends on the type of plant, so you need to read up on your plant type.

Before planting and growing herbs indoors from seeds, you need to have the right mix of soil and the right container. Use a deep 6 to 8 inch container or pot that has a hole in the bottom for good drainage. A good soil mix would be compost soil, but if you have none, then you can buy commercial soil mixes that often consist of sand, potting soil and peat moss. The placement of the pot is equally important because potted plants need a minimum of 6 to 14 hours light a day. Research about your type of plant and how much light it needs, because if you do not have sun light in your region then you can help the plant with fluorescent light.

Growing herbs indoors from seeds is not that difficult as long as you give enough light and the exact amount of water it needs for example every other day or once a week depending on the type. Never totally soak the plant when you are growing herbs indoors from seeds and check your plants regularly for bugs. Bugs can contaminate your plants especially when you repotted a plant from outdoors to indoors. Check above the leaves and underneath the leaves for bugs regularly.

The last tip in growing herbs indoors from seeds is about harvesting and clipping. Clip just as much as you need and try to keep your plant as bushy and full as possible when you harvest so that you have enough for the next time you need a little spice and herbs. Remember all these important reminders to growing herbs indoors from seeds and you will soon have your own magic herbal indoor garden.

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