How to Grow and Use Herbs
The Benefit of Growing Medicinal Herbs

The Benefit of Growing Medicinal Herbs

Here are tips to on how to simplify growing medicinal herbs that keep their growers healthy.

Angelica Herb

This cauliflower-like herb craves for moist loam soil cultivated deeply. Angelica herbs like shady places where the soil is generally cold and damp, but not too wet. This herb type thrives well in places adjacent to running water. In home gardening, it would be a good idea for growing medicinal herbs—and especially for this bitter aromatic herb type—to construct an artificial stream near the herb garden. Angelica is good for antimicrobial purposes.

Arnica Herb

For this herb, the soil needs to be a mix of peat, loam, sand, and moss, and is most suitable to plant in spring time. This herb produces sun-like flowers, and this is probably why it loves sunlight, aside from moisture and acid pH in the spoil. When growing medicinal herbs like this, a high altitude is more conducive. Watch out for the receptacles of Arnica because insects like them so much. This herb is good for sprains and bruises. It’s also good as a salves or oil.

Ashwagandha Herb

Best grown in the tropics, this herb produces Ayurvedic tonic essence good for mental and physical rejuvenation. Sometimes, growing medicinal herbs like this is best started indoors and then later transferred to a bigger, outdoor garden bed, like folks do with tomatoes. And this herb does produce small and red tomato-like fruits. Keep this herb safe from cold conditions. It’s easy to grow and sell.

Astragalus Herb

When planting the seed, do so in early spring. This herb likes cold, germinated soil, yet also likes sunlight a lot. Be sure to have the garden bed well drained to prevent flooding the herb. Growing medicinal herbs like Astragalus keeps one supplied with immune boosting tonic drinks that improves the liver, spleen, and lungs, too.

Basil Herb

This ordinary-looking herb are best grown in a greenhouse during summer or spring. It loves a lot of sunlight, a lot of water, and a lot of rich soil. When looking for a strong aromatic herb, Basil is it. It’s also good for immune boosting, antifungal and antibacterial purposes.

Borage Herb

This herb looks like a spider with colorful and hairy tentacles. They are best planted in the middle of spring. They grow and spread quite easily and are also known to propagate themselves like wild weeds. When growing medicinal herbs that often like cold settings like Borage, a treat of ice cubes now and then would be fine. Borages are good for the heart.

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