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The Facts on Growing Herbs from Seeds

The Facts on Growing Herbs from Seeds

If you plan to have an herb garden at home, you have the option to either buy grown plants or grow your herbs from seeds. Growing herbs from seeds won’t be a tough task to handle and is a fun rewarding endeavor. Since herbs generally tolerate poor conditions, keeping an herb garden at home will be a breeze.

Here’s what you need when growing herbs from seeds. You’re going to need herbs that you would like to grow. Purchase only the herb seeds that you will eventually use. You’ll also need pots or any type of containers for your seeds. These can be made of any material like plastic or terra cotta.

Next set of things you need in growing herbs from seeds are your soil mixture, which could be bought at the same store where you purchased your seeds, fertilizer, and plastic wrap. If you have enough space in your backyard, you may pick a spot where you will transplant your seeds once they’ve grown. Once you have all these things ready then you can begin growing herbs from seeds.

The first step in growing herbs from seeds is to soak your seeds in water for several hours. Some even soak their seeds overnight before planting. While your seeds are getting soaked, you should start assembling the containers where your seeds will grow.

If you find that your containers don’t have drain holes at the bottom you may have to poke holes on your containers for water to drain. After getting a drain hole on each container, fill each pot or container with your soil mix. If you happen to have compost you have the option to add some to your soil mixture. Pat down your soil mixture just to make sure there aren’t any air pockets.

After several hours of soaking you are now ready to sow your seeds. Tiny herb seeds don’t need to be sowed that deep. You should place them at a depth of about one to three times their size into the soil. The really small seeds should only be pressed into the soil. You then water the seeds and cover the wet soil with plastic wrap to maintain the moisture and keep the soil warm. You then place your containers in a sunny area until the seeds sprout.

Once you see that your herbs have sprouted you then remove the plastic wrap. If you plan to transplant your seeds to your backyard garden, remember to do that only after your plants have several sets of leaves on them.

Here are a few reminders when growing herbs from seeds. If ever the seedlings aren’t getting enough sunlight, you may use fluorescent lighting as a supplement. Remember to water your seedlings once a day when they begin to sprout. These are what you need to know to have your own herb garden.

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