How to Grow and Use Herbs
Tips for Growing Herbs in Your Homes

Tips for Growing Herbs in Your Homes

The idea of growing herbs indoors may seem like a hard task, but the fact is that even with limited gardening skills, learning how to produce them will not be that difficult.

Before you start growing herbs indoors, make certain that you do it at the appropriate times. In a garden this will be during the summer or spring, but it would also be a good idea if you follow this too when planting them indoors, so the herbs can get the sunshine necessary too (from the windows).

Another vital aspect to growing herbs indoors is getting healthy seedlings or seeds. Growing seedlings is easier but some prefer using seeds. Whichever type you select, buy as many as you can, because not all of them will flourish. Needless to say, you need to assess the expiration dates of the seeds or seedlings you buy; make sure that some will last for a while so you can plant them at a later and more convenient time.

As for which types to choose, rosemary, basil, oregano and mint will all prosper in an indoor setting. If you are not sure which types are best for growing herbs indoors, you may consult the people at the gardening shop where you want to buy the seeds.

One aspect you should not ignore when growing herbs indoors is preparing the soil. Once the seeds are in the pot or container, add lime and sand to the soil together with the herb. Add some gravel so that it will drain well. Finally place it near the window so it can get sunlight (even fluorescent lights will do). If it is possible, do try to take the pot or container outdoors even for a few minutes so it can have some fresh sunlight.

Water the herbs every seven days or so to keep the soil from getting dry. This part is particularly important when it comes to growing herbs indoors; while too little water will prevent growth, over watering can deprive the herb of needed oxygen, causing it great harm. A tell tale sign of too much water being used will be when the leaves start turning yellow.

The advantages of growing herbs indoors include not having to spend money to buy them when serving up your recipes, and of course, the plants provide your homes with a nice scent. If you live in a place where cultivating a garden is not possible, this skill may well be worth learning.

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