How to Grow and Use Herbs
Tips for Growing Kitchen Herbs

Tips for Growing Kitchen Herbs

Go over any cookbook and you will immediately see that herbs are indispensable for a lot of recipes. So why not start growing kitchen herbs yourself? By having your own, you no longer have to worry about finding one in the store.

The most important part of growing kitchen herbs will be deciding which ones to actually get. There are several you can choose, including rosemary, basil, thyme, oregano, ginger and many others. However the kinds that you plant should depend to a large extent on what you want to cook or bake.

For example, if you like pizza, basil should be among those that you will plant. On the other hand, if you prefer spicy food or Mexican cuisine, you should include cilantro or chili peppers. These herbs are also part of other meals and delicacies in Southeast Asia and the Far East.

Of course, the purpose of growing kitchen herbs is all about including them in the recipes and meals. For basil among the most popular are Insalata Caprese II and Pesto Sauce; chives are good for several cheese oriented meals (Blue Cheese Burgers, Cheese and Chive Chips), while cilantro is essential for several Mexican recipes. Oregano is used in recipes with avocado, and shrimp pasta, while parsley and rosemary are good for numerous meals including soups and bread.

The vital aspects for growing kitchen herbs include getting the right kind of soil, giving them proper sunlight, watering at the appropriate times and performing other tasks like cutting, layering and making divisions. Once you have chosen an herb to include for cooking, be sure to let it dry before using and to keep it in a container.

As for the containers themselves, you can use pots, but you can settle for mugs or jars of any other sort. These will do just fine, and you can make drainage systems from these by making small holes near the bottom. Regardless of the type you choose, sunlight, it must again be stressed, is crucial, with at least 3 to 4 hours daily exposure needed.

Of course, growing kitchen herbs also requires that you have the right kind of soil put in place. If you are going to use a large pot for holding in different types of herbs, make sure that they are marked so you will know how to handle for each one.

Growing kitchen herbs is not just easy but it is also enjoyable and a real money and time saver. If you want to get the most from your recipes, having these herbs around will be handy.

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