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Ways of Growing Herbs from Seeds

Ways of Growing Herbs from Seeds

Most people like to start their herb gardens by buying full grown herbs or seedlings because of the belief that growing herbs from seeds is complex. But it is not, and one simply needs to be aware of a few concepts.

The first thing that one must understand about growing herbs from seeds is that a lot of herbs (annuals in particular), can be planted from seeds, indoors or outdoors. However, should you decide to plant herbs like dill, anise, coriander and fennel, be certain as to where you want to plot them, or put them in pots, because they can be difficult to relocate.

An integral part of growing herbs from seeds involves following the guidelines as given in the packets. Different herbs grow at different rates. Perennial seeds, for instance, may need about 2 months to germinate alone. When the time comes to use them, some may need additional procedures like soaking in water or freezing. These will be stated in the packet and you should follow it to the letter.

If you are growing herbs from seeds that consist of perennials, you may increase its potency and strength by way of cutting and dividing. The ideal time to perform these tasks will be springtime. Division can be done, when it comes to herbs like ginger, by digging up the roots, slicing and replanting the cut piece somewhere else.

Another way for growing herbs from seeds is through layering. The basic technique here is to take some branches from the herb plant and place it near the stem of the parent plant. Water until it grows roots, and then move it to another location so the plant may grow. Among the herbs that adapt very well to this are clove pink, hyssop, thyme and winter savory. Doing a little research on the herb will let you know if layering is applicable, or if cutting is the better option.

Two other things need to be accounted for when it comes to growing herbs from seeds, and that is fertilization and the water. The former should be utilized sparingly; unlike crops or other plants, herbs will sustain and flourish with the right soil. As for the latter, only apply when the soil needs moistening.

Growing herbs from seeds is not different from any other gardening activity, only requiring patience and care on your part to ascertain the full blossoming of the plants.

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