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Benefiting from Your Chili Pepper Garden

Benefiting from Your Chili Pepper Garden

Chili peppers are popular for warming up recipes like soups, casseroles, stews, Mexican dishes, and other varieties of food. The tastiest chili peppers are the freshly-picked variety straight from the garden. Here we will get some information on how to harvest chili.

Chili peppers can be grown either as plants or seeds. Whichever you choose, you need to plant them a foot and a half away in a prepared location. The ground should be free from rocks, weeds, and other materials. Likewise, it should receive full sun.

If you do not have an actual garden, the basics of how to harvest chili will tell you that the plant can be planted in your flower bed. Planting them in flower pots located in the patio or deck is an alternative option. Make sure that you constantly water your plants using a garden hose.

Like any other plants, chili peppers are prone to predators. They grow to become vines so you may also have a problem with birds. In order to keep the birds away from the plant, simply hang a lose netting over the plants. You can likewise use popular insect repellants that can be purchased in the market. However, this should be designed for protecting chili peppers from insects or grubs.

When looking for information on how to harvest chili, you will find out that chili peppers mature within 75 – 90 days in the herb garden. If you intend to use the seeds to grow more chili, then leave them on the vine longer than usual. Wait until the pepper has achieved its full color and then wait for a couple of weeks before harvesting.

When you have retrieved the seeds, you can use the remaining peppers for whatever purpose you deem fit. You can add them to your dishes, place them in a can, dry them, or create chili powder.

If your intention is for cooking and eating, then harvest the chili pepper depending on your personal preference. Experts on how to harvest chili believes that the longer the peppers are on the vine, the more mature they are.

The best time to harvest chili is when they have turned green. If the vegetable is not yet hot enough, you need to wait a few more days. You need to taste chili peppers at various stages until they become suitable to your taste.

When harvest time has come, slowly take the pepper out from the vine. Use sharp garden shears for cutting the vine one inch above the pepper. Wear a pair of rubber gloves in picking the pepper as this would serve as protection from juices that might be extracted from the pepper.

By following the above mentioned steps, you will be able to learn how to harvest chili.

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