How to Grow and Use Herbs
Dill: The Fundamentals in Growing This Herb

Dill: The Fundamentals in Growing This Herb

Many people enjoy growing herbs because they find these plants very useful in their everyday lives. One of the special herbs that most gardeners plant in their home gardens is dill. This herb has medicinal and aromatic qualities, which makes it more interesting and luring. However, before planting, it is necessary to understand the special qualities of this special plant.

Uses of Dill

Growing herbs is beneficial for gardeners since they can use the plants for their own needs. In addition, they can also profit from growing herbs since many individuals are in search for herbs that have special and useful qualities. For individuals who want to include dill in the herbs that they grow, let us explore the important uses of this plant.

Dried and fresh leaves of dill are commonly used as main ingredients in several dishes for it produces a luring aroma. Additionally, the leaves can also be used as garnish to improve the presentation of dishes. When it comes to the seed, many individuals use it to add spice in their dishes. Some of the famous recipes that include dill as a key ingredient are Gravlax, Cha ca, and Borscht.

Growing Herbs – The Basics in Planting Dill

Seeds are used to grow and cultivate this herb. Unlike many herbs, dill must be planted in a sandy area. Meanwhile, when it comes to weather changes, gardeners should remember to provide protection for the plant during windy times since it is very delicate. Furthermore, it is best to avoid transferring the herb to other container once planted.

Harvesting Dill

Aside from planting and cultivating, another important aspect of growing dill that new gardeners must know is harvesting. When harvesting this herb, they should carefully remove seed heads from the plant and dry them in a breezy place. Before drying the seed heads, it is best to label them with the name of the herb since most of the leaves and seed heads of herbs appear to be similar when dried.

Preserving Dill

When growing herbs, gardeners should also know how to properly store dried parts of the plants. Dried leaves and seeds of dill can be preserved by putting them inside airtight plastic bags or containers. By putting the containers in a cool dry place, people will be able to preserve and use the herbs for at most two years.

Growing herbs may be tiring but it is definitely rewarding. By learning the fundamentals in planting, cultivating, harvesting, and preserving herbs, gardeners can surely maximize the uses of these special plants.

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