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Harvesting Rocket the Simple Way

Harvesting Rocket the Simple Way

There are many ways of using this herb, and it starts when you start learning how to harvest rocket. Even though you may have very little experience, these instructions will be easy to understand.

Step 1 on how to harvest rocket: collect only the brown seeds

One of the most common mistakes that are made when trying to propagate this herb takes place when green seeds are picked out. Actually, the seeds need to be brown (completely, not partially). Once they have attained this color, fasten a bag around the stems. It is better if you use a semi transparent bag so the water will be filtered out.

Step 2 on how to harvest rocket: know the variants

This is important, because not all rockets are the same. For example, some types tend to grow small flowers and seeds very quickly. There are others which, when full grown, produce large flowers. Still others generate leaves that possess a peppery taste. If this is the one you are raising, you should allow it to get older if you want a more peppery flavor.

If you do not like your leaves too peppery, you have the option of picking them at an earlier period.

Step 3 on how to harvest rocket: trim the plant after harvesting

It is not uncommon for this plant to grow up to four feet or more and it will spread more quickly during the summertime. Given this fact, seasoned gardeners like to plant this herb during the fall and actually collect the seeds and leaves in the winter.

This is somewhat counter to other herbs, but once you know how to harvest rocket, you will become accustomed to nurturing it in this manner. Of course, if you want the plant to spread in your garden, you can cultivate it in the summer. A lot of them will produce flowers after eight weeks or so. As usual, the caring for the plant will make the difference more so than the season itself.

Although the soil need not be that rich, checking it regularly to see if it is damp or moist. If you planted it in a pot, periodically evaluate the state of the draining system.

Knowing how to harvest rocket is no different from learning any other skill; it will grow based on how often you practice it. In this case, heading out to the garden and collecting the leaves and seeds will be the way to gain deeper insights.

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