How to Store Dill after It is Harvested

Dill weeds and dill seeds are great for pickles. This culinary herb has been around and is in fact one of the favorites throughout the centuries. The name itself is Norse and literally means ‘to lull’. Dried or even fresh dill adds zest to any dish be it salads, soups, casseroles, or even bread. If you have this herb at home you might be wondering how to store dill after it is harvested.

You have different options on how to store dill after it is harvested from your pot at home. You might notice that dill weed dries up easily after you harvest it. An interesting fact is that even though dill has dried up, it doesn’t easily lose its flavor. This gives you more reasons to learn how to store the herb.

One of the options in storing dill is to hang bundles of dill weed in a paper bag to dry. The idea is obvious that once the leaves dry the seeds would just fall into the paper bag for easy storage. Thus you would have your dill weed and your seeds in one package. These dried and packed dill seeds and dill weed will last for several days. But if you want to know how to store dill after it is harvested so it would last longer you would have two other options.

What you basically want to do is to freeze your dill weed so it would last several months. Take note that harvest season for dill weed would usually come before any of your cucumbers are good for pickling. Thus, adding another reason to learn how to store dill after it is harvested for pickling and other uses.

One of the options when storing dill for the long term is to freeze the harvested herb. One reminder is that if you plan to freeze dill you should not wash it before freezing. You should gather and break dill heads from off the stem. You can then place these dill heads in containers and then freeze them.

Here’s another option on how to store dill after it is harvested and keep them for later use. Place them in a jar of water covering the jar with a plastic bag or plastic wrap. This method of storage will make your dill last in the fridge for several days. To make your dill last longer, you may add pickling salt and layer them while in the jar. This way, your dill will last for several months longer.

If you don’t want to freeze your dill then your next option is to dry it. You should hang your dill to dry in a dry dark airy room. Once the leaves feel crumbly then you can store them in a tightly sealed jar. Keep the jars away from sunlight and you can make use of your dill from four even up to six months. These are simple and easy options on how to store dill after it is harvested.

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