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Lavender: Learning the Essential Aspects of Growing Herbs

Lavender: Learning the Essential Aspects of Growing Herbs

One of the most popular, beautiful and interesting flowering herbs, lavender has numerous variations mainly because this special plant is easy to pollinate. This alluring herb possesses special qualities that can truly help individuals improve their daily lives. Hence, for those who have passion for growing herbs, it is important that they consider including this plant in their home gardens.

Special Characteristics of Lavender

Growing herbs like lavender is very rewarding because these plants have characteristics that are useful in different fields. For instance, lavender is one of the most famous herbs used in preparing dishes and pastries. The flowers of this herb are commonly used as decorations in cakes. Additionally, lavender is added in many dishes to provide sweet flavor and aroma.

Aside from the uses of this herb in cookery, dried flowers are included in potpourris. In addition, some apparel stores put dried flowers of the herb to provide fresh floral scent in the clothes that they sell. On the other hand, besides the use of lavender oil in aromatherapy, many people also use the oil in cleaning cuts and bruises since it is considered as an effective antiseptic.

Like other special herbs, lavender possesses helpful medicinal qualities. For those who are suffering from mild headaches, they can apply oil from the flowers of this herb in their temples to soothe the pain that they feel. Meanwhile, for people who have sleeping problems, they can always put lavender flowers and seeds on their pillows to have a relaxing and refreshing sleep.

Knowing the Basics in Growing Herbs

Culturing is one of the important aspects of growing herbs. For people who are inclined with growing herbs like lavender they need to know the reactions of these plants to temperature changes. In the case of this flowering herb, gardeners should plant the seeds in a dry, sunny, and rocky place. The herb also needs protection during winter since it is very delicate to cold weather.

Another significant aspect of growing herb is the harvesting stage. Experienced gardeners harvest lavender by cutting the spikes of the flowers. After the flowers dry up, it is important to put it in an airtight container and place in a cool and dry place. From the harvest date, dried flowers can still be used up to two years. With all the savory, aroma, and medicinal benefits that people get from growing herbs, it is best that everyone tries to include any herb in their home gardens.

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