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Proper Storage of Chamomile

Proper Storage of Chamomile

Those who love to drink tea will no doubt be familiar with the ways on how to store chamomile after it is harvested. If you are inclined to grow this particular herb, consider preserving them in the ways listed below.

How to store chamomile after it is harvested (procedure 1): dry the flowers

This is the best technique to use as the taste will be at its highest quality (next to using the herb right after it is plucked of course). After you have cut the stems from the main plant, place the stems onto a clean piece of dry cloth and lay them there. Now put the flowers in a plastic bag and into your drawer and let it dry there completely for a couple of days (or longer depending on the weather).

Upon the completion of the drying out process, remove the flowers from the plastic. Unwrap the paper towels and you can now use them in your tea.

How to store chamomile after it is harvested (procedure 2): the freezing method

This is similar to the steps that you take when trying to preserve herbs like parsley and garlic chives. Prepare by removing the stems first. Next take the flowers and put them inside a clean and airtight container. Put it in the freezer and do not open it until it is about to be used. You may also prefer to chop the flowers into smaller pieces and store them in ice cube containers instead.

How to store chamomile after it is harvested (procedure 3): place it with the vegetables

This is a method that a lot of tea makers prefer. Instead of freezing or just drying, storing it in a cool dry place will help preserve the flavor without making it too hard.

Regardless of how many methods you study how to store chamomile after it is harvested, you should make sure that the flowers you use are clean. Always check the flowers to make sure that there are no pests inside them, and you can do this by shaking the stems or better yet, flipping the flower over, letting the bugs fall out of it.

Learning how to store chamomile after it is harvested is necessary if you are a frequent tea drinker, but even if you are not, growing this beautiful herb is something you should consider as it adds style to your garden too.

Knowing how to store chamomile after it is harvested will not just help you get the most out of this herb, but also help you understand how to conserve other herbs as well, for the process is similar. Thus your knowledge about gardening will actually increase.

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