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Storage Instructions for Rosemary Leaves

Storage Instructions for Rosemary Leaves

Many recipes require the addition of rosemary leaves to make the flavor richer and tastier. Rosemary leaves are used to add flavor to pasta, sauces, stews and soups. In order to maintain the flavor of rosemary leaves, it is important that that harvested rosemary leaves are properly stored. If the rosemary leaves are not stored properly, it is possible to lose some of its flavor thus, minimizing its recipe enhancing effect. Here are the instructions for storage of rosemary leaves.

Storing fresh rosemary leaves

Fresh rosemary leaves are needed in a number of recipes. Fresh rosemary sprigs may be used in cooking fish or shish-ka-bobs. When grilling, the sprigs may be placed on the barbeque coals to add to the flavor of the grilled foods. The rosemary flowers are also used as garnishes and for salads.

After harvesting the rosemary leaves, their freshness may be maintained by placing them in a plastic bag and storing the sealed bag inside the refrigerator. Instead of using a plastic bag, fresh rosemary leaves may also be placed in a glass of water and also stored in fridge.

Storing dried rosemary leaves

Some recipes require the addition of dried rosemary leaves instead of fresh ones. If you would like to store dry rosemary leaves, it is best that these are dried as soon as after harvesting. Drying rosemary leaves is as simple as hanging the fresh rosemary sprigs in a dry and warm place.

Before the dried rosemary leaves are stored, you should separate the leaves from the stems. This is a simple step to do. You may place the rosemary leaves in a plastic bag and rub the leaves with the stems. Discard the rosemary stems. Collect the rosemary leaves in a clean, dry and well-sealed container. Store the container in a dry and cool place and away from direct sunlight. Heat, moisture and direct sunlight may cause the rosemary leaves to lose some of its flavor.

Storing powdered rosemary leaves

For making and storing powdered rosemary leaves, follow the instructions for dried rosemary leaves. However, after discarding the stems, gather the dried rosemary leaves in a mortar. Grind the rosemary leaves until the desired fineness is achieved. You may store powdered rosemary leaves in dry bottles (which are also used for dried leaves). You may also look for bottles with sifted glass tops under the screw top covers. This will allow easy dispensing of the powdered rosemary leaves for your recipes.

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