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The Proper Cultivation of Spearmint

The Proper Cultivation of Spearmint

Growing herbs like mint are always popular, and among the many variants available, one that has caught the attention of gardeners is spearmint. If you have not yet tried producing this variant, here is what you need to do.

Probably the most important of the steps for growing herbs like spearmint will be the location. The reason is that unlike most other herbal plants, this is the type that can spread all over the place, including going over other plants.

Given this fact, it is not unusual for this spearmint to be kept in a container or pot. If you want to plant it in a garden, do so in a wide open area. Even then, it will continue to spread, so that if you want to plant them on the ground, be prepared to spend some time cutting and managing the roots.

The next step for growing herbs similar to spearmint is getting rich soil. You can add some compost, and the more decaying material you put in, the better it will be for the herb. Now you have to choose between seeds or cuttings. If you are a new gardener it is better to go with cuttings, as the process for producing spearmint from seeds can be more complicated.

vAgain, due to their nature, it is essential that when growing herbs of this kind, space is allowed for each one. For optimum growth, 48 inches, or four feet, is required for each seed. Watering regularly is also central particularly during the early days of planting. If you want to use fertilizers, do so sparingly, as the rich soil, with all the organic materials in there, will be doing much of the work in promoting growth.

Harvesting can be done when the spearmint starts to blossom. At this point, you may cut as much as a third. It is also crucial that you use the herb right away. Unlike growing herbs that are used for garnishing, this one cannot be stored or dried up easily. You should also wash each one thoroughly prior to using them in your meals.

Growing herbs such as spearmint is ideal for cooks because they can be used in many ways. Dried, chopped or whole, the herbs can be used in different ways, and in a variety of meals.

An excellent tool for adding extra flavor to your meals, the spearmint, now that you have learned the proper nurturing, will become an indispensable ally in the kitchen.

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