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Useful Ideas on How to Harvest Sage

Useful Ideas on How to Harvest Sage

You will first need to have the needed equipment before you learn how to harvest sage. Bring out strings, a mason jar or a glass bottle, a pair of scissors, and a mesh strainer. You do not only have to learn how to harvest sage but you should also have to store them after harvesting.

If you prefer fresh herbs then you would want to go through this simple guide on how to harvest sage. You may prefer to just pinch off sage leaves but a better way to harvest them is to use a good pair of scissors. Pinching off leaves may leave the plant looking messy. Trimming your sage plant with a pair of scissors will give it a nice trim, especially if you use your sage to decorate your garden.

Knowing how to harvest sage leaves will also require you to know which leaves to harvest. Basically, you only need to harvest what you need for the day. However, you may snip off some extra leaves and store them for later use. You don’t just snip off any sage leaf you fancy. You only need the youngest leaves from you plant. These leaves will be the ones that are most tender compared to the other leaves on your sage plant.

The leaves you harvest would have to be washed well and dried. You may use a paper towel to dry your harvested sage leaves. Like other herbs, sage has a stronger flavor once they’ve been dried. This means that part of knowing how to harvest sage is to know how to dry and preserve them.

You must cut the leaves as you harvest sage but remember that you also must keep at least an inch of stem on them so you can bundle them up using your strings. After you have made several bundles you should then hang upside down them to dry. You don’t have to hang your bundles out in the sun. You can hang them in any room as long as it’s dry and warm. You can know that your sage leaves are dry when they turn brown and feel somewhat crumbly.

Since you would want to keep your sage leaves for future use you should know how to store them. This is also an essential part of the process of how to harvest sage leaves. More people enjoy dried sage leaves than fresh ones. In fact, you’d have to use twice as much fresh sage leaves just to the get as much flavor as dried sage leaves.

You can store your dried sage in airtight jars. If you have no place to hang your sage bundles then you can leave them on a mesh strainer to dry as long as you turn them every day. These are our useful ideas on how to harvest sage. You should learn how to harvest the leaves and preserve them for future use.

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