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Ways to Store Mints after the Harvest

Ways to Store Mints after the Harvest

Spearmint like most mints is used in many applications like cooking and as decoration for the home. It can even be used a freshener for the air. This herb is best added to dishes when it is fresh. You should always buy them fresh as well. Many people still ask the best way to make it fresh for a longer time. Below are the steps:

First method- Pick fresh spearmint during early morning. Cut sprigs in twelve inches using sharp scissors. Provide a good shake to ensure that they do not carry any bugs on its stems. Wash the plant’s cuttings in cool water and then tie them up using a string on the base of each stem. Hang it up so it will dry off. It is better to hang it in a dark part of the room so the spiders or bug will not come to it. The mint after two or three days will become very dry or brittle and you can test it by crunching it up and you may crumble it and put it in a clean container and you can make them as dried leaves for your tea.

Second method – Cut the endings. If you got your mint from the grocery or fresh from your herb garden then one of the simple ways to store it is to cut the ending like how you do with flowers. Cutting would be like making fresh wounds to the plant which would mean that it can easily absorb more water again. Place it in a tiny vase and it will still be fresh for a few more days.

Third method- Another method of storing the spearmint is sealing it inside a container and putting it in the refrigerator. This can make it fresh for at least ten more days. If you think the shelf life of the mint is a little longer then you can put it in a zip lock bag and seal it tight before putting it inside the freezer and this may keep it fresh until three more months or before forty five days. Another version of this method is picking the mint from the garden early morning and removing leaves from each stem and then putting them in a container then freezing it as a clump. Take them out after it has been frozen for hours and then crush it with a wooden spoon then thaw it. The leaves will wilt in this case but it will still release the oils you need for your recipe or for your tea.

Fourth method- If you like dry leaves. The first step is washing them in cold water and ensures that the leaves will not get removed. Drain them and use a paper towel to make sure they are dry. Hang them upside down under the sun and after a few days it will become dry and you can store it. Put the dried mint in a container kept sealed.

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