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Introduction in Cooking with Lemongrass

Introduction in Cooking with Lemongrass

Lemongrass is a plant with plenty of stalks. It has a lemon fragrance that thrives in places with tropical climate. This plant grows mostly in Southeast-Asian countries. It is a typical ingredient in Thai dishes because this plant gives a zesty and lemony flavor to many of the dishes. Lemongrass is a plant known to many Asians as a nutritious food. It is best used with the combination of some chilis, coriander and garlic.Many scientists today have also been studying the soup famous in Thailand called Tom Yum Kung. This soup has all the spices and herbs which include lemongrass. It is said to be very effective in removing flu, colds and cancers.

To get the good kind of lemongrass you must check if the stalk is firm. It should not be soft or even rubbery in texture because it means that it is old already. The lower part of the stalk should have a light yellow color and the upper part of it should be green. The leaves should not be brownish. Lemongrass can be found in many markets tied in a group made of four stalks with a rubber band. The stalks are usually one foot long and sometimes it can be longer. In a grocery the lemongrass can be found in the fresh food or produce section.

To begin you must cut the lower end of the bulbs of the lemongrass and take out the leaves on the outer side. The stalk is usually the only part needed for many of the dishes cooked in Thailand. The upper part with green stems can be added to some soups or curry dishes for more flavors.

For people without the food processor just cut the stalk with the light yellow color in a lengthwise manner of up to three inches. Then bruise the slices by folding them or bending many times. Put them in the soup. Other like making smaller cuts on the slices which help in releasing the lemon taste. In serving the dish take out the lemongrasses and tell the guests to put them aside when they are eating the dish. Another option is slicing it by using a sharp knife. A sharp knife is needed because the stalks are firm. You can cut the stalks in a very thin pieces and placing them on the food processor then you can now add this to your dish.

Lemongrass is also filled with fibers and it can be stringy which means that you have to cook the dish very well. In making the soups you have to boil it first for ten minutes so that the stalks will soften well.

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