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Indulge in the Sweet Fine Taste of These Special Anise Recipes

Indulge in the Sweet Fine Taste of These Special Anise Recipes

Famous for their aromatic and sweet flavors, anise recipes are highly enticing treats that are guaranteed to satisfy anyone who can taste them. Because of its sweet taste, anise is used worldwide in making confectioneries. Tasty treats like Anise Bread, Anise Icebox Candies, and Chinese Five Spice use this key ingredient, making it more interesting to the taste and to the smell as well. Here is an overview on how these specialties are prepared and cooked.

Anise Bread

Generally described as sweet, sticky, and dark, Anise Bread is a flavorsome specialty that uses anise seed as major ingredient. In making this anise recipe, important components like melted butter, eggs, and molasses are mixed together inside a large bowl. A few seconds after, corn syrup, white sugar, and brown sugar are added as well, and so are other ingredients such as buttermilk, salt, baking soda, and rye flour. After mixing everything, place it inside a 350 degrees Fahrenheit preheated oven for around 45 minutes. It will take at least an hour or two to finish this dish.

Anise Icebox Cookies

For great-tasting cookies with a touch of anise, people can try the special recipe called Anise Icebox Cookies. For as little as 30 minutes or more, they can serve this fine treat, which may easily get children interested because of its relatively sweet taste and flavor. The simple process of cooking this anise recipe starts by combining all the right ingredients into one large bowl. Brown sugar, white sugar, and softened butter are mixed together, plus other ingredients like ground cloves, ground cinnamon, and baking soda. After a short while, pour in anise and pecans to complete all the right components for these tasty cookies.

Chinese Five Spice

As its name implies, the anise recipe called Chinese Five Spice is comprised of five basic spices, namely peppercorns, cloves, cinnamon, fennel seed, and anise seed. Using the traditional mortar and pestle or any simple grinder, mix everything and grind them until they become powdery in texture. Perfect for almost any time of cuisine, this spice can add significant flavor and taste to any bland meal. For longer use, be sure to put the spice in an airtight container, thus preserving its quality and taste of this anise recipe.

Orange-Anise Crepes

Orange-Anise Crepes is a yummy delicacy that is very easy to make. In a large bowl, mix together flour, anise, orange juice, milk, and eggs, then beat them together it ends up with a smooth texture. Store it inside a refrigerator for at least a night. This special anise recipe produces a sweet pleasant taste that the entire family will surely love.

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