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Enjoy These Delightful Lavender Recipes

Enjoy These Delightful Lavender Recipes

One of the most special herbs that are commonly used in cooking, baking as well as garnishing, lavender produces sweet smell that makes dishes truly enticing to everyone. When it comes to pastries and breads, people can always try to prepare easy recipes that make use of the herb such as Lavender Shortbread Cookies, Lavender Tea Bread, and Lavender Lemon Bar. On the other hand, there are also lavender recipes for those who like grilled and baked dishes, like Lavender Pork Steak and Lavender Chicken.

Lavender Shortbread Cookies

Lavender enhances sweet taste in these cookies. Aside from this, another special herb used in making these shortbread cookies is mint. Other ingredients needed in preparing this lavender recipe are softened butter, confectioners’ sugar, white sugar, all-purpose flour, salt, and cornstarch. To improve the aroma and taste of the cookies, people can add lemon zest in the recipe.

Lavender Tea Bread

In this special recipe, lavender is used to produce sweet aroma to the bread. In addition, this herb also improves sweet taste in making this delectable tea bread. Furthermore, this lavender recipe uses baking soda, all-purpose flour, milk, and eggs, as its key ingredients. It is also important to add salt and white sugar to balance the taste of the bread.

Lavender Lemon Bar

For individuals who like to prepare and bake lemon bars, they should consider adding lavender to improve the flavor of the breads. In this lavender recipe, it is best to combine dried lavender buds with lemon extract to produce tastier and more delectable lemon bars. Other ingredients that add taste to the bread are sugar, virgin coconut oil, and butter.

Lavender Pork Steaks

Another dish that uses lavender to enhance flavoring and aroma is Lavender Pork Steaks. This lavender recipe also uses other herbs such as rosemary to make the viand more delightful and enticing. The steps in preparing the dish are very simple and easy to follow. To improve the taste of this dish, some people add fresh thyme as a key ingredient in this recipe.

Lavender Chicken

This sumptuous recipe uses fresh lavender to improve the taste and scent of the dish. Besides lavender, which adds sweet taste to the dish, shredded cheese and bacon are placed inside each chicken breast fillet to improve the flavoring of this special dish. Furthermore, people can also use the herb in this lavender recipe to garnish the dish. To add spice to the chicken, they can season the dish with red pepper flakes.

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