How to Grow and Use Herbs
The Benefits From Making and Using an Herb Growing Chart

The Benefits From Making and Using an Herb Growing Chart

Herb growing is an enjoyable, fun, and interesting activity to do during the spare or leisure time of people. By knowing how to appropriately grow and culture herbs is important since these plants bear special qualities that people may find helpful in their lives. However, to those who are new to growing the plants, it will be best if they make and use an herb growing chart to guide them in the factors that they must look at when they start to develop and cultivate herbs in their gardens.

What to See in Herb Growing Charts

Many people use growing chart to know how to successfully yield herbs in their areas. In addition, by referring to herb growing charts they can have ideas about the best techniques that they can do to stimulate and enhance the development of these plants. Furthermore, by looking at these charts, gardeners will know if it is the appropriate time to propagate, as well as harvest the special and useful parts of the different herbs present in their gardens.

The basic information that people can see in herb growing charts are the name of the herb, number of days before germination, and how to start planting the herbs. For a line in a chart that features basil, new gardeners can see that it takes five to ten days before this herb germinates. Additionally, they can see that they need to get basil seeds to plant and cultivate the herb in their gardens. On the other hand, for oregano, gardeners can cut the stems if other oregano plants to propagate and plant them. Moreover, when planting oregano, they need to wait for at least a month before this herb germinates.

Additional Features of Herb Growing Charts

Aside from the basic information included in herb growing charts, some gardeners include additional features like ways of harvesting and preserving the plants. For example in charts that feature anise, people can know that the appropriate method of harvesting the herb is by carefully cutting big leaves. In addition, they can preserve the leaves by putting them in an airtight plastic bag and keeping it in a cool and dry place. Meanwhile, for herb growing charts that feature caraway, gardeners can harvest them by putting the plant in an upside down position and pick seeds. With all the benefits that these charts offer to everyone, new gardeners are always encouraged to refer to them whenever they plan to include new kinds of herbs in their gardens.

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