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The Advantages of Growing Herbs in Shade

The Advantages of Growing Herbs in Shade

One of the most interesting, fun, and beneficial activities that every individual can do, growing herbs is very rewarding to those who have sufficient understanding on the basic procedures involved in the propagation and cultivation of special plants that they will include in their gardens. However, to those who have plans of growing herbs in shade, they should not be discouraged easily since there are a great number of herbs that grow well in shaded areas. To make sure that they will have big fraction of harvests from growing herbs in shade, it is important that they have background on the various factors that affect the development of plants cultivated in such place.

Kinds of Herbs That Grow Well in Shaded Areas

Growing herbs in shade is less complicated than growing herbs in indoor and outdoor gardens. For the convenience of all individuals who plan to cultivate plants in shade, there are some special plants that can grow well even if they are in these areas. For instance, mint can still thrive and grow in shaded places, but it is important to remember that mint is a very invasive herb, so it is better that gardeners put this kind of herb in a container or pot before they place it in a shade. Another special plant that can survive in shaded places is cilantro. When cultivating this plant, it is best to harvest the useful parts of the herb while the plant is still young.

Aside from mint and cilantro, other herbs that can grow well in shaded areas are parsley and thyme. Rosemary, marjoram, and oregano can also be planted in these places, but gardeners should expose these plants to direct sunlight from time to time.

The Benefits From Growing Herbs in Shade

Growing herbs in shade is also advantageous in some ways. For some herbs that should be harvested before their flowers start to blossom, this type of gardening suit them, for growing herbs in shade can hinder the blossoming and flowers. Additionally, growing herbs in shade requires less maintenance, effort, and time from gardeners. Once again, gardeners are reminded to always keep a look at the herbs in shaded areas since some of them needs more time of exposure to direct sunlight. It is also important to look at the reactions of plants to temperature changes because there are herbs that are delicate and cannot survive in cold weather. Thus, by knowing the basics of growing herbs in shade, new gardeners can surely have great harvests.

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