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Turn Your Herb Garden Into A Business Venture

Turn Your Herb Garden Into A Business Venture

Do you have an herb garden in your house? One of the ways that you can take advantage of your garden is to venture into herb growing business.

If you want to try your luck at an herb growing business, the first thing you have to do is determine which herbs grow well in your location. You can start with a small business and then think about expansion later on. You can start by having a hot frame for your started seeds and a screened area for herb drying far from insects and other undesirable pests.

However, before starting out with your herb growing business, you need to do a lot of research. Go to the library or bookstore and find out what are the requirements of the herbs that you intend to grow.
Next, browse some books for the background of the plants. Find out if the herbs have some medicinal value. You can come out with some booklets about the plants and use it as a giveaway to your customers. This way you can attract more buyers and generate higher sales.

If you are computer proficient, come up with some attractive labels for your herbs. If not, you to a printing shop and have them design the label for you. When you are on the stage of shipping your herbs, provide a little information about the herb in the package. By doing this, you will be enticing your customer to purchase the plant again.

When your stocks have arrived, sell your products. You can go to gourmet restaurants and stores. You can likewise consult chefs or owners and leave some of your products at the store. You can set up a display window or come up with a promotional price. At this stage, exposure is vital for your herb growing business. You can come back to these customers to build your reputation.

Another key step in promoting your herb growing business is to write press releases. You can send them to the local newspaper companies or post them on the Internet since this will help in expanding your customer-base. The press release should introduce your business and the products that you sell. Of course, do not forget where they can contact you or how they can get to your place.

In addition, you may want to establish a network with other herb growers where your customers can buy from at wholesale cost. By doing so, if your stocks becomes depleted you have a source to procure additional herbs. This is a vital step in keeping customers in your herb growing business.

Finally, a cheaper way to promote your herb growing business is to purchase magnetic signs to post on your car door. Use your creativity in convincing people to buy their herbs from you.

It takes some time and effort in becoming successful in herb growing business. Rest assured all your hard work will pay off once you gain profit from your venture.

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