How to Grow and Use Herbs
Steps for Growing Herbs Organically

Steps for Growing Herbs Organically

It should not be surprising that growing organic herbs is becoming trendier. With health issues a primary concern now, it is only natural for people to want to have delicious and safe food.

Here are some of the things that you will want to keep in mind. First when it comes to growing organic herbs, sunlight is of paramount importance, so exposing the herbs to sunshine for half a day will be essential. It is all right to plant them in either pots or on the ground; the important thing is giving them sunlight.

Another vital factor for growing organic herbs is the organization. Whenever possible, you should cultivate the herbs and plants by type. By keeping annuals separated from perennials, you will not get confused as to which ones are in season and which are yet to bloom.

Once you have made this distinction, you may now cluster together different kinds of annuals or perennials. This is good for growing organic herbs because it creates confusion among insects and bugs that are usually attracted to only certain types of plants and flowers. By grouping them together you will lessen the chances of an infection or infestation from occurring.

Fertilizers can be helpful when growing organic herbs, but only if they are utilized properly. The best way to fertilize them is by combining compost tea with water and sprinkling on the plants during their growing period. An alternative to compost tea would be diluted fish.

A helpful tip for growing organic herbs is to perform daily checkups. You just need to go over your garden and check if there are any insects. If there are several coming up, you might want to use yellow sticky bars to keep them at bay. Of course, cleaning the surroundings regularly will also help in keeping those insects away from your herbs and plants.

Once you have gotten used to growing organic herbs, you will want to harvest them for cooking or making tea. The ideal time to do this would be during the late morning when the oil is the plants are at their highest, and of course, when it is the proper time to pluck them as indicated in the packets.

The great thing about growing organic herbs is that it is very easy. It requires some patience on your part but by following the simple guidelines stated above you will have no problems producing flavorful and healthy spices and garnishing.

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