How to Grow and Use Herbs
Growing New Herbs the Easy Way

Growing New Herbs the Easy Way

Growing new herbs is a task that some view is best left for the gardening experts. However, as will become apparent here, the fundamentals for successfully nurturing these plants require no special skills at all.

The most important factor that will come into play when you decide to start growing new herbs will be the quality of the seeds. You need to be certain that not only are they of superior quality, but that they are fresh. Therefore, purchasing from reliable stores is of the essence.

The same diligence will have to be exercised when you select the type of soil you will utilize. As you begin growing new herbs, you will have to scrutinize both soil and herbs, making sure that the quality are compatible with one another. Most herbs generally need the same kind of soil (low fertility), but the difference comes in the moisture of the soil. Some of them, like rosemary and sage, require a lot more dampness than the usual.

If you are contemplating growing new herbs, it is recommended that you do it during the summer season so that it will get the proper nourishment and sustenance from the sun. If you do it at any other season, you might have to move them indoors when the rain starts falling or if the wind is excessive. If you are going to cultivate them indoors, you may use fluorescent lighting as a substitute for sunlight.

There are few more things that should be borne in mind by those inclined on growing new herbs. These include the choice of containers; pots of varying sizes and shapes are available, so you can have your pick, but for convenience, choose one that is easy to lift. If you are going to plant them on the ground, you will want to allow enough space for cutting and the spreading of roots.

As for dealing with insects and other pests, you can use any number of pesticides or, if you want to go organic, use yellow stick bars instead. Finally, growing new herbs will require some patience; although you will be able to grow them, a few may not, because of unfavorable conditions, inability to follow procedure etc. A little fortitude is all that is needed.

The ease with which new herbs can be nurtured only shows that you do not need to be a seasoned cultivator of plants, nor have a green thumb. As long as you have the willingness and patience, having the herb garden of your dreams will be within reach.

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