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Learning to Harvest Parsley

Learning to Harvest Parsley

Because it is such a popular garnishing, knowing how to harvest parsley has become pivotal for those that are into herbal gardening. The vital facts for collecting the herb are listed below.

Step 1 on how to harvest parsley: water after you cut

The best time for cutting the parsley is when it attains a height of 12 inches. Once the plant reaches this level, you can cut the desired leaves. You can slice as many as you want, but be sure not to leave it completely bald, so that some will be left for the plant. This will help it grow. Also, as stated, do not forget to water it after cutting.

Step 2 on how to harvest parsley: use it properly

If you pick the leaves at the right time, the parsley will give your meals a unique flavor. To make the most of the flavor, you should consume the leaves after picking. Being fresh, the essence will still be there, and this is something that is lost when you buy them from a store.

Among the many dishes that the herb is used for include salads and a variety of fish recipes. Also, it can be used as marinade for any number of meals. Although you may use those that come from stores, the difference between fresh and store based parsley will become apparent once you taste the fresh one.

Step 3 on how to harvest parsley: nurture the plant well

This is actually an important step in learning how to harvest parsley, because after collecting the harvest, new gardeners might be tempted to keep picking the leaves one after the other. Instead, after getting the ones you require, you should devote time to propagating the plant so that you will have more garnishing available.

Step 4 on how to harvest parsley: watch for insects and bugs

This is usually done when you are planting the herb, but again, it never hurts to check twice. Prior to harvesting the leaves, always check for any bugs or pests that may be lurking in the plant itself. Also keep an eye on the soil and the overall state of the plant. If it looks faded, chances are high the product will not taste good.

The steps that you need to take so that you will understand how to harvest parsley are straightforward. If you want to give your meals great flavors, you simply need to follow the steps as described here.

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