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How to Harvest Chamomile Correctly

How to Harvest Chamomile Correctly

Tea is nice, but it gets better when you use the right kind of herbs, and one of the most popular is chamomile. If you are hesitant to plant because you do not know how to harvest chamomile, just remember these facts.

Step 1 on how to harvest chamomile: let the plant dry first

This is the most important part in collecting chamomile. You must either wait for the dew to disappear completely, or harvest in the summer months. Because the flowers are the ingredients you will need for the tea, you should get the flowers before sunset as they will close and will only open in the morning.

Step 2 on how to harvest chamomile: remove the insects

After you have harvested the flowers you need, you should turn the flowers upside down or shake so that any dust or insects that may be stuck inside will be filtered out.

Some may think that it is not necessary, but even if the garden is kept clean, or you grow the herbs indoors, you will still need to do this, just to be sure.

Step 3 on how to harvest chamomile: if pests won’t come off, use shears

What you need to do here is to cut the flower (just below the head). Do not forget to pinch it so the flowers will grow back. Alternatively, you can just snip the entire stem and take both flowers and stem. Now you can dry this by turning it upside down.

Step 4 on how to harvest chamomile: let it dry completely

After you have gotten the flowers, put them all in a very warm place. The best place will be the closet, because for the herb to dry, it has to be kept away from the sun and moisture is not allowed. Open the closet (or wherever you put the herb) to check if it has dried.

Step 5 on how to harvest chamomile: store in a jar

After the herb has dried thoroughly, you may now remove the stem, and keep the flowers. Put them in an airtight container and keep away from the sun. Open the jar when you are going to use the flowers.

The number of herbs that can be planted are numerous, but this is one that has remained popular thanks to its many uses. Now that you know how to harvest chamomile, getting the right flavor for your tea is literally at your fingertips.

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