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A Guide on How to Harvest Mint

A Guide on How to Harvest Mint

After planting your mint herbs, the next step now is to pick and use it. Even if you have little experience, it is very easy for anyone to understand how to harvest mint.

Step 1 on How to Harvest Mint: Know How is Required

The first thing that you need to do here is to assess just how much you need. It is too easy to just start cutting away at the plant and get as many as you need. However, it is crucial that you know exactly, or at least have a general idea of how many you need so the other herbs do not go to waste if you do not get to use them. Another reason why this is important in learning how to harvest mint is that excessive cutting could damage the plant.

Step 2 on How to Harvest Mint: Start Cutting

Again, one should not just slice the leaves with abandon. The proper way to cut the leaves would be from the upper parts, or from directly at the top. By slicing it at this angle, you are giving the plant an opportunity to grow again.

What will happen is that after you cut it, the mint will eventually grow back leaves starting from the bottom. However, if you cut majority of the leaves or take them all completely, the plant may no longer grow.

Step 3 on How to Harvest Mint: Store and Use Properly

After you have removed all the leaves that you need, the leaves can be used immediately. However if you are not yet going to utilize it, you may store the mint in a container. Make sure that the jar you use does not allow air to penetrate in, and that the leaves are placed in a dry and cool area. Freezing the mint leaves is also an option.

Another tip that we may share is that if the mint is well planted, the flavors will come out more strongly when they are picked in the mornings. This can be easily verified by the smell, which is usually more pronounced at this particular time of the day. Also, while using dry mint is possible, it is almost certain to lose some of its flavor.

The steps required in order for you to learn how to harvest mint are not that complicated, and it will only be a matter of time before you become accustomed and do it proficiently.

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