How to Grow and Use Herbs
How to Grow Herbs Inside the House

How to Grow Herbs Inside the House

The ever changing season is just one of the reasons why growing herbs inside the house is a skill that every gardener or plant enthusiast needs to know, so that when winter comes the plants will be able to maintain its growth.

Foremost among the concerns regarding growing herbs inside the house is the location. The best would be the windowsill. Ideally, the windowsill you choose needs to have access to sunlight. The perfect situation would be to give your herbs about 6 hours of sunshine every day.

If the sun gets too hot or it gets too damp, you need to move the plant to another location, so another important factor when growing herbs inside the house will be the pot size. The smallest one you should get must be at least half, or a foot deep. The wider the pot, the more herbs you will be able to put inside. It is also possible, if the pot is big enough, to put in different types of herbs in there.

When growing herbs inside the house, it is crucial that you do not change the amount of water that you put in them. If you transplanted the herbs from outside, there is no need to change or alter the number of times you water them. Most herbs only need a little bit, and the packets will come with notes explaining how often the seeds need to be sprinkled. The use of fertilizers should also be limited regardless of the herb you are planting. It is not unusual to fertilize herbs only once a month, or even less than that.

Because the space for growing herbs inside the house is limited you should cultivate those that do not grow or spread too much. Among the most ideal herbs for indoor planting are thyme, parsley, chives and mint among many others. By cultivating these herbs, you will not have to spend too much time cutting the leaves. Remember, the more you trim them, the more these herbs will grow, but you should avoid cutting too much foliage (always leave at least a third of them intact).

Growing herbs inside your house, as the facts show, is not that different from taking care of plants and flowers that you tender to in your garden. With herb plants inside your home, you will be able to enjoy the aroma and nourishment they bring regardless of the season.

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