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Harvesting and Collecting Tarragon

Harvesting and Collecting Tarragon

Becoming adept at gardening means knowing how to harvest tarragon, one of the most useful and popular herbs today. For those with little experience in growing this plant, this guide is meant for you.

Step 1 on how to harvest tarragon: collect by branch

You may cut a few leaves here and there if you wish, but it is much better to just slice off branches of the herb. In fact, you can take away as much as a third of the plant without causing any damage. The time to do this would be in the second year after its planting.

By this time the tarragon would reach about 10 inches in height, and the leaves will be ripe for the picking. By fall, the leaves will take on a yellowish color, so pick them before this takes place.

Step 2 on how to harvest tarragon: scrutinize the leaves you pick

No matter how well you plant the herb, there will be a few damaged leaves around the plant. You just need to look at the branch you plucked and get rid of these.

Step 3 on how to harvest tarragon: wash before using

Whether you grow them organically or through the usual means, it is important to rinse the sprigs prior to using them in your meals. It is best to use cool water, and then dry gently using a piece of cloth.

Step 4 on how to harvest tarragon: cut each leaf carefully

Do not pull off the leaves all at once from the branch as it may cause some bruising. Use scissors to remove each individual leaf that you are going to use. If there are some leaves that you want to reserve for later, put them inside freezer bags (the leaves, sprigs, or both). Store them in a freezer. You might want to mark each one so you will know what is inside the containers after several days have passed.

Step 5 on how to harvest tarragon: allow eight weeks prior to re-harvesting

This is necessary for the plant to get back to full bloom. This amount of time is not encessary for other herbs, but when it comes to tarragon, including the French tarragon, it is necessary.

Just like any other herb, being able to plant and knowing how to harvest tarragon is a skill that will grow the more time you spend in the garden. This will become apparent as you work on your herbs.

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