How to Grow and Use Herbs
Beginners’ Guide to Growing Herbs

Beginners’ Guide to Growing Herbs

Considered as special kinds of plants, herbs are very popular because these have various qualities like medicinal, aromatic, as well as savory. Because of the usefulness of these plants, many people include herbs in their home gardens. However, to individuals who have not sufficient experiences on planting and growing these plants, it is necessary that they learn the basics in growing herbs.

Learning the Different Types of Herbs

One of the essential aspects that gardeners should know when growing herbs is the proper identification of the different types of herbs. For beginners, it is advantageous if they include strong herbs, accent herbs, and blend herbs, in their gardens. Basically, strong herbs are plants that both have medicinal and savory qualities like rosemary, winter savory, and sage. Meanwhile, accent herbs are those that are used for garnishing such as mint, sweet marjoram, as well as tarragon. Lastly, blend herbs are plants that can enhance the taste of other ingredients in a dish like parsley, chives, and summer savory.

Aside from these category, people can also determine the type of herbs by learning the length of a time a particular plant completes its growth cycle. In this manner, gardeners will be able to apply effective strategies in successfully growing herbs. Annual herbs are those that grow in just a year while biennial herbs develop within two years. Examples of annual herbs and biennial herbs are basil and anise. Finally, perennial herbs are those that bloom once in a season like lovage, chives, and tarragon.

Indoor Growing of Herbs or Outdoor Growing of Herbs

Before planning to grow herbs, it is important that gardeners decide whether they will use outdoor gardening methods or indoor gardening methods. For those who like to employ outdoor gardening methods when growing herbs, they should consider soil and site conditions. Additionally, they should also consider the containers where they will sow the seeds. Most important of all, gardeners must watch for changes in weather since some herbs are delicate and sensitive to constant temperature changes.

On the other hand, indoor methods of growing herbs are less complicated. Knowing when to water the plants, as well as apply fertilizers, are very important knowledge that everyone must learn when growing herbs. Like in outdoor gardening, people who prefer indoor gardening should know what types of herbs require more exposure to sunshine. Above all, growing herbs, whether in outdoor gardens or indoor gardens require commitment and time from those who want to harvest healthy and useful plants.

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