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Fundamentals of Nurturing Marjoram

Fundamentals of Nurturing Marjoram

Related to the oregano, the marjoram is another of those plants that have a variety of uses in both garden and cooking. If you are interested in growing herbs like these, the steps are easy.

When growing herbs like marjoram, you will have to check not just the soil but the type of weather or season that is prevalent, as it can dictate the type of soil you will need to use. Most of the time, marjoram needs rich soil like sweet basil, but if the weather is very warn, it will be able to grow and flourish even in low fertility grounds.

Growing herbs like marjoram can be done with seeds or started plants, but whichever type you select, be sure to place them in a location where plenty of sunlight is available. Also, regardless of whether you plant the marjoram indoors or in the garden, you need to give each seed some space. At least six inches will be necessary, so that there will no problems when they start growing.

As a general rule, marjoram does not require a lot of water even when it is in its early stage of growth, as most of the time the herbs prefer the warmth of the sun. However, it is still important that you water it on the occasions as stated in the instruction on the seeding package.

Some of the most common bugs and insects that will be encountered when growing herbs like marjoram are aphids. Although you may use insecticides or pesticides, an even better solution is to place some coriander nearby instead, which is just as effective and safer.

If you are going to plant the marjoram inside your house, or if it is winter, you may want to consider buying cloches, jars developed for warming plants and herbs during the cold season. However, as with other herbal plants, you may use other types of containers, including terra cotta pots. Again the important thing when growing herbs in pots will be the potting soil and the drainage.

The potting soil is used for growing herbs like marjoram in containers. Although you may use garden soil, it is preferable to use the potting mix as it is already made and the results are just as good.

Growing herbs like marjoram are easy, and tending to them can be quite enjoyable. With their beauty and versatility in the kitchen, you will be able to utilize them in many ways.

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