How to Grow and Use Herbs
Nurturing Herbs in Windows

Nurturing Herbs in Windows

When people think of herbs the image that comes to mind are those of gardens filled with these plants, but in fact, growing herbs in windows is turning into a viable and equally popular alternative.

With the notable exception of basil, which needs at least 10 hours of sun exposure, most herbs only need about 6 hours, although of course the more time spent in the sun, the better it will be. Therefore, growing herbs in windows refers to windows that are nearest the sun. It is also vital that you check out the other requirements for each one that you plant.

If you are growing herbs in windows, then it is also crucial that you feed them regularly. Unlike those herbs that are rooted in the garden soil, those that are put in containers will require more fertilizers. There are several types available, but the most ideal ones are those that use fish emulsion. Be certain that you use the fertilizers at only half their maximum potential strength, and do so every 30 days or so.

The weather will also play a part in determining the success of your growing herbs in windows. If it is winter, you will want to move them to a more convenient place. If you have planted rosemary, you should use a fan as this will improve the circulation of the air around the herb, which it needs. If you do not feel comfortable using insecticides, insecticide soaps can be a viable alternative.

The way to use these soaps may vary a little but generally it involves rubbing some of it on the leaves. This is often the method preferred by those that are interested in growing herbs in windows for garnishing. Unlike pesticides, you can be more certain of the purity and safety of the materials used here.

The other step that you can take to make growing herbs in windows more successful would be to buy high grade potting soil. If you want to combine the ingredients yourself, you should pour in equal parts the soil and sand. Also allocate some space for the small stones in the pot that you will be using as drainage for the plants.

That more and more are growing herbs in windows should be easier to understand now, knowing how simple the actual process is. If you are tired of going through several stores just to find that zesty cilantro, growing them yourself is the answer.

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