How to Grow and Use Herbs
Organic Herbs to Die For: Secrets and Tips

Organic Herbs to Die For: Secrets and Tips

There is a ever growing community that consists of home gardeners and commercial companies and they all go back to the roots of growing organic herbs. Organic herbs are plants that are free of chemicals and pesticides. Growing organic herbs is not always that easy because the price for the fertilizers and the pesticides is often very high and the availability is low. We are going to give you information, tips and tricks on how to farm organically.

First you need to understand the type of herb you are going to plant. Research about the natural habitat and the growing season of your plant so that you can mimic it in your own garden or farm. Then the second important thing for organic herbs is soil that is not only fertile but rich and the best choice is compost soil.

The most common problem in planting and growing organic herbs is that the soil often gets too much or too less water especially in cold or dry regions. If you want to make sure that your soil has the right moisture for your organic herbs, then you can avail of a moisture tester for soil which is available in many gardening stores.

There is yet another method that will benefit your organic herbs. This method is called companion planting. Some herbs go well with others and share a relationship that is mutually beneficial. Roses and garlic for instance are a good example of companion planting because the smell of the garlic repels the insects that affect the rose. There is a complete list of companion herbs that can be found in books and in the internet for further reference.

The next step in growing organic herbs is to set up your herb garden. Now it is your turn to decide how your garden or farm is going to look like. You will now decide whether you are growing organic herbs on the kitchen sill with a little pot or if you want to plant them in the majestic space of your garden. When considering the location, you also have to consider the type of herb and the seasons that this herb can live through.

By now you should have set up your own compost bin if you have not had one in the beginning, because the soil is the best soil available for your organic herbs because it has the right amount of ph and the right amount of mulch and hummus. If you find a compost too time or space consuming, then you can always run to the next gardening store to avail or a organic fertilizer.

You now have the essentials that are needed for growing organic herbs in the comforts of your home. Remember that the best herbs come in their untreated natural form.

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