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Cultivating Herbs Minus a Garden

Cultivating Herbs Minus a Garden

The idea of growing herbs without a garden may seem difficult at times, but it can be done. In fact, once you go over the facts, you will realize that it is not that complicated and in many ways is even easier.

What you need to do to begin growing herbs without a garden is to gather the right materials. All you will need are the seeds, the soil, a container and place to put them in. In the case of the latter, you can just go over your apartment windows and check which ones get the most sunlight. Once you find it, put the plants there.

Next you should find a suitable container. Its size will depend on how many seeds you will want to plant. Do not just put as many seeds as can fit in the box, but rather space them well so each can grow easily. After you have determined the amount you want to put in, add the dirt, the seeds and cover it with soil until the roots are no longer visible.

If you are growing herbs without a garden, you can choose from seeds or starters. If you are going to use the former, you will want to water the seeds every 48 hours. If it is summer or there is very little moisture in your room, you may have to water them more often.

Growing herbs without a garden does not in any way change the time that it will take before you can harvest the herbs. Most herbs will be ripe for the picking in a month’s time, or so. This would be the case if you utilized starters, but if you planted seeds, it may take a little longer (anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks).

If this is your first time to try growing herbs without a garden, it is best if you attempt it with herbs that are easy to nurture like basil, chili and mint. Once you have gotten used to planting and harvesting these herbs, then you can go and try out the other ones. As with any other endeavor, it is best if you start out slowly, and learn the fundamentals first.

If you feel that your apartment or condo is lacking natural beauty, having a few plants will help, and now that you know that growing herbs without a garden is easy, you will realize how simple and rewarding this activity can be.

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