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Tips for Growing an Indoor Herb Garden

Tips for Growing an Indoor Herb Garden

If do not have a backyard that you can turn into a garden, or simply want to add the fragrance you smell outside into your house, then growing an indoor herb garden will be a worthwhile endeavor.

There are several ways that you can begin growing an indoor herb garden. Of course, you may be worried about the plants not getting enough light. However, most herbs will adjust to fluorescent lighting well, and there are also several indoor lighting systems you can buy that will provide the nourishment the herbs need.

Once you have decided that growing an indoor herb garden is something that you want to do, it is time to select the herbs that you will want to grow. Most will be looking for herbs that provide fragrance and also serve as a supply of garnishing for food. A lot of culinary herbs produce wonderful aromas, so you can have your pick of the cooking herbs you want without worrying about their lack of scent.

As you start growing an indoor herb garden, you will want to pay attention to the style and groupings. For example, if you want an Italian style, put in some rosemary, chives, fennel and basil. For a French look, the marjoram, parsley and basil will do. Having either or both of these will certainly add spice to your dishes.

These herbs produce wonderful scents on their own, but if you really want great smelling herbs, lemon balm, mint, lavender and bergamot will be great choices. However, feel free to design them as you will. Just be sure to give each one enough breathing room so they may grow at their own rate and not get entangled with the other herbs. Although growing them indoor may lessen the chances of insects coming in, you should still check them out periodically.

Growing an indoor herb garden organically is also possible. One of the advantages of nurturing herbs in a natural manner indoors is that you will not need to use chemicals. However, there are also a lot of herb treatments that have proven safe, so you may choose that method as well.

Growing an indoor herb garden is a process that can be undertaken by any individual who is willing to learn the basic ways. Once you have understood the fundamentals, you will discover that the skill set needed for building one is minimal, and only perseverance is required.

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