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Guide to Growing Herbs Indoors from Seeds

Guide to Growing Herbs Indoors from Seeds

Fresh herbs do not only add extra flavor to your dishes, they also add great scents, and adds beauty to your home. Growing herbs indoors from seeds is a passion. It will only take a few pots of these wonderful plants to get one hooked to their astounding aroma. However, if you do lack garden space, you might ask if growing herbs indoors would be worth the effort.

Growing herbs indoors from seeds is possible. But you should also be aware that not all herbs grow well in these conditions. You should also consider the fact that some herbs will not continue to grow after you harvest them. For instance, dill, garden cress, and coriander can be grown indoors but once you harvest them you should begin to find replacements. A good idea is to have several pots of these herbs growing intermediately.

Another thing you should also consider when growing herbs indoors from seeds is that some herbs do not grow as well as they should. Parsley is another herb you can try to grow in a pot. They may be grown indoors but you shouldn’t expect them to grow as well as the ones grown outdoors. When growing parsley in a pot, make sure that your container has adequate depth to hold the taproot.

Lighting is a huge concern when growing herbs indoors from seeds. Most of the indoor herbs you’ll find will tend to slow down in growth when they don’t get that much sunlight. This is attributed to the fact that these plants were originally from the Mediterranean where the sun is always up most of the year.

A good tip when growing herbs indoors from seeds is to place your pots at a window where these plants can get at least four to six hours of sunlight. If ever your herbs get less than four hours of sunlight, expect them to produce less. This would mean installing supplementary lighting if necessary.

When growing herbs indoors from seeds, sometimes it would be necessary to acclimate your plants to low lighting conditions. To do this you start by placing your plants in partial shade. You keep them there for two up to three weeks. You then place them in deeper shade for another two to three weeks. You then bring your plants indoors as they should be well adapted to lesser light.

You will have to check the plants for new growths before bringing them into deeper shade or indoors. During this acclimating period you should check for proper water drainage and soil quality. You may use fertilizer on your herbs when necessary. Growing herbs indoors from seeds is a passion. If you take good care of these plants then you get the best for your dishes.

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