A Simple Way on How to Store Chili After it is Harvested

Chili can be stored in various simple ways after it is harvested. The main concern is how to retain its rich flavor and color. So here are some tips on how store chili after it is harvested.

The first thing about how to store chili after it is harvested is drying it. Prior to storing, chili has to be washed and dried. Most folks dry chili in an oven that is heated just enough to allow moist to evaporate. The heat should not be more than is necessary. The effect desired is just to get rid of moist. Drying can be through an electric or gas oven.

When the chili pieces are all dried enough, store them in air-tight containers. Make sure the containers are thoroughly dry inside before putting chili pieces in them. Some keep bottles standing upside down for a whole day on a clean surface to dry them up before chili pieces are placed in them. Knowing how to store chili after it is harvested involves making sure containers are clean, washed and dried well.

Take note that after harvest and drying , it is important to place chili into containers right away. Drying them in ovens prevents insects and birds from damaging them, as against drying them in the sun. Placing them in containers immediately after drying keeps them safe from dusts, germs, moist, molds, or mildew, as against exposing them unpacked. These are important pointers on how to store chili after it is harvested.

Pack the air-tight containers full of chili in boxes or shelves away from sunlight. Make sure the containers have tightly closed lead tops and sealed with tapes, if necessary. Keep in the vegetable crisper compartment of a refrigerator, or in enclosed places with room temperature. Don’t store for long. If storage is meant for long periods it is better to preserve chili. Preserving is a good alternative when thinking of how to store chili after it is harvested.

To preserve chili, some can it with water and some salt plus a safe measure of chemical preservatives. For home chemical-free preserved chili, just put chili in a glass bottle (better if the bottle is dark in color), put in some water, vinegar, and some salt, close the lead top and seal with a tape. Keep it is a kitchen shelf away from sunlight. After 3 days to a week, it is ready for use like a pickle.

Ways on how to store chili after it is harvested to prolong its life span are simple.

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