Ways and Means of Storing Harvested Sage

Being one of the most useful and versatile of herbs, knowing how to store sage after it is harvested is of great importance particularly to those that use this as garnishing or seasoning. There are several ways that you can store this herb.

How to store sage after it is harvested (method 1): keep in the refrigerator

This is the most basic way of keeping your sage fresh. After you have collected the harvest (the best time by the way, would be in the fall), you can store the part that you are not going to cook in a clean bag and put them inside the fridge. You can crush the leaves or you can leave them intact, it is up to you.

How to store sage after it is harvested (method 2): keep them in the freezer

Now this is the method that is preferred by most seasoned cooks, as it offers the most effective means of preserving the flavor and natural texture of the sage, almost as much as when it is picked fresh from the plant.

The usual way in which this is carried out is by discarding the twigs and keeping only the leaves. Next arrange the leaves on a cookie sheet and put it inside a plastic box. Alternatively you may slice the leaves into small pieces and put them in ice cube containers. To keep the leaves together, use some oil, or a little bit of butter.

How to store sage after it is harvested (method 3): dry the leaves

Drying the leaves is another method that you can use. It is much simpler, and all you need to do is to remove the leaves from the stems, and set them on a screen. Put it in a spot that is moisture free, but away from the sun. This is the final method that you will come across as you study the ways on how to store sage after it is harvested.

Even though you may be tempted to dry the leaves by exposing them to the sun, that is not how it is done. Just keep the leaves in a parched place and it will dry up eventually.

Now that you are versed in the ways on how to store sage after it is harvested, you no longer have to worry about using it all after you have picked it, and you can take your time when cooking your favorite meals.

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