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Take a Look at These Simple Steps on How to Store Tater After It Is Harvested

Take a Look at These Simple Steps on How to Store Tater After It Is Harvested

After passing through the difficult and arduous task of harvesting taters, it is now time to move on with the task of storing them properly. By learning how to store tater after it is harvested, people can preserve the quality and freshness of this crop, which is one of the widely used ingredients in cooking. Because of this, anyone can easily enjoy great-tasting tater dishes almost anytime and anywhere.

Curing Tater: One of the Most Important Steps to Learn on How to Store Tater After It Is Harvested

Generally, curing is the very first step that people need to do when learning how to store tater after it is harvested. After harvesting, experts say that the skin of tater is somewhat delicate and rather thin, making it easy to bruise and rot at the same time. In order to prevent this from happening, curing is the best solution because this procedure thickens the tater skin. One of the major advantages of curing tater before storing them in a secure location is that it enhances the flavor of the crop, making it tastier and more palatable to the taste than the newly harvested ones.

Characteristics of Storage Facilities: A Crucial Factor in Learning How to Store Tater After It Is Harvested

Another important step in ensuring a successful storage of tater after harvest time is to make the storage facilities highly conducive for preserving all those delicate taters. Generally, the storage must be capable of maintaining the freshness of the products. Simultaneously, it must fight off the natural process of decomposition, which is the main cause of rotting taters. In addition, its proper temperature and lighting must help preserve the natural starch component of the products.

In order to delay or even prevent the oxidation and aging process of taters, the storage room must be dark most of the times. Proper ventilation is likewise very important for the storage room, which must at least have a temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit for longer storage, while shorter storage time will need a temperature of at least 45 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. These things are very important because inappropriate temperatures can greatly affect the natural taste and flavor of taters.

How Long can the Tater Be Stored Inside Homes and Commercial Warehouses: Another Important Aspect to Consider When Learning How to Store Tater After It Is Harvested

When stored inside commercial warehouses, taters tend to last longer. Because of this, people can store them for as long as six whole months. On the other hand, those who want to store taters inside their homes are advised to keep them only for a couple of weeks or more. When sprouts grow and green areas start to develop on the taters, it is important to remove these parts before use.

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