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How to Harvest Asian Basil in Better Ways

How to Harvest Asian Basil in Better Ways

Thai basil or Oriental or Asian basil are flavor-packed herbs often used in Thai and Indian food specials. These herbs thrive on much sunlight and a well drained soil is a must. And here are tips on how to harvest Asian basil.

Asian basil, when harvested, should be picked gently starting from the top part of the plant. Simply pinch the leaves off at the intersection. Harvest should be done before the herb starts to flower so that the more leaves are harvested from it the more new sprouts it will produce. This is an important thing to remember on how to harvest Asian basil.

When new sprouts are often harvested, Asian basil has less chances of flowering. Thus, it is suggested to often cook dishes that need Asian basil to often pick shoots from the herb plant, especially from its top. Another tip on how to harvest Asian basil is to rinse newly cut leaves using cool water. Then tap them dry before using for cooking. Put in Thai, Indian, or Italian salads and soups. Use also in recipes requiring stir frying.

With Asian basil, it is important to harvest leaves with branches prior to flowering season. Picking the leaves with the branches stimulates a more bushy growth for the herb plant. Especially when in season, the more people should harvest Asian basil—it’s among secrets on how to harvest Asian basil to prod it to sprout more new leaves.

There’s a specific time for harvesting Asian basil. Most people pick Asian basil leaves in the morning. Let the dew on the herb dry up before picking the leaves. This should coincide with the time the essential oils in the herb are mostly naturally produced be the plant. Harvesting when the sun is high negates this natural oil production by the herb. And when harvested at this time, Asian basil cannot be enjoyed at its full potential. This is an important rule on how to harvest Asian basil.

One can actually smell the richness of Asian basil in early mornings. It is among signs that the herb is ready for harvesting. When its aroma is strong, the rich oil essence is at its peak. As soon as the dew is dry and before the sun is up, harvest the leaves—this is right procedure on how to harvest Asian basil at the right time.

Instead of just picking its leaves any which way, more benefits are possible when herb hobbyists know how to harvest Asian basil.

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