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Simple Ideas on How to Harvest Lemongrass

Simple Ideas on How to Harvest Lemongrass

Lemongrass is a popular Asian herb that hails from India. If you are a fan of Thai or Vietnamese cooking, you most assuredly have sampled its flavor in your food. Lemongrass is great to have at home. The procedure on how to harvest lemongrass is easy to follow. Once you have planted one on a pot, you can be sure to have a nice supply of this herb all year round.

During cold winter days, it would be great to have a nice cup of lemongrass tea especially if it is freshly cut from your own plant. Just one stalk of this herb is enough to fill your pot to enjoy during the cold. The steps on how to harvest lemongrass will be easy to follow. You can make use of both lemongrass leaves and its stalk.

Here’s how to harvest lemongrass and its uses. Remember that you will usually just need one stalk from the entire plant. That would be enough for almost anything you need with more to spare. Pick one stalk to harvest and hold it firmly, preferably closer to its roots. You then snap the stalk off, which will eventually include the bulb and some of the roots. That’s how to harvest lemongrass but there’s actually more for you to do.

Other than pulling off a stalk, others prefer to cut it off from the tip of the roots. That is certainly an alternative way on how to harvest lemongrass. The stalk is relatively easy to pull or snap off but if you prefer to cut the stalk than use a bit of force to harvest the herb then you may do so.

However, if you have left your lemongrass to grow bigger, it can grow up to three feet, than usual then cutting the stalk would become necessary. Choose one stalk you like to harvest and cut off the grass blade. Be sure to choose only the grass blades that are a quarter of an inch thick. You can then cut the stalk as close to the roots as possible.

Take note that only the tender part of the lemongrass stalk is edible. That is about the third part from the bottom of the stalk. Most of the plant is used to add aroma and to add flavor. The actual plant and the leaves are not to be consumed. The stalk is usually bruised or pounded to get its aromatic flavor while its leaves are used for tea.

These are simple and easy ideas on how to harvest lemongrass. Take note of the reminders on how to use the herb and its harvesting options. Lemongrass adds flavor to your Mexican and Asian dishes.

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