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Preserving Anise the Best Way Possible

Preserving Anise the Best Way Possible

As they are attractive and tasty, growing and knowing how to store anise after it is harvested is something that all would be gardeners would want to learn. Below are some popular methods of preserving the seeds and leaves.

How to store anise after it is harvested (procedure 1): dry the seeds

The process of preserving the seeds is straightforward. First you should collect the seeds 30 days after planting. Next get a cloth and put the seeds there. Do not utilize any material that can absorb too much moisture as it will affect the quality of the seeds. After everything is laid out on the cloth, put it in a dry and sun free spot for 48 hours.

The two day rule is applicable if the conditions are ideal. If the weather is damp, then you may have to keep them in your closet a little longer. Check once a day to determine if the leaves are actually dry.

How to store anise after it is harvested (procedure 2): freeze the leaves

This method is applicable for the leaves of the anise, not the seeds.

Remove the stems. After the twigs have been discarded, slice the leaves into small pieces and spray just a little bit of olive oil. Now set the oiled leaves in plastic and into the freezer. When the time comes to use the leaves, is when you should only open the plastic.

How to store anise after it is harvested (procedure 3): put it a dry, cool spot

The alternative to freezing (and the one you will want to use if the leaves will be cooked in a couple of days), is to set them in a clean airtight pot or container, and place in the vegetable compartment. As with the freezing procedure, you can chop the leaves into bits and pieces.

Add some oil or butter if you prefer. After these steps have been completed, set it in the compartment. Remove from the container only when you are going to use them; this will allow you to get the most flavor from the leaves. As you learn the ways of how to store anise after it is harvested, you will see that this last step is always included.

The advantage of knowing how to store anise after it is harvested is that not only do you get to propagate the seeds, but the techniques utilized for this herb can also be used in other plants. So you not only get to grow the plant correctly, but also acquire the skill needed for raising other herbs as well.

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