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Effective Means of Storing Arugula

Effective Means of Storing Arugula

Knowing how to store arugula after it is harvested is a subject matter you can learn without too much difficulty. The required steps are actually very similar to those of other herbs.

How to store arugula after it is harvested (procedure 1): putting it in the vegetable compartment

The belief that you will need to use the herb quickly because it will lose its flavor is not entirely correct. To preserve these herbs, you should first get the ones that you need from the plant, and wrap several towels around them. Now you can put them in the vegetable compartment. Using the paper towels will prevent moisture from coming and ruining it.

How to store arugula after it is harvested (procedure 2): chilling

An alternative to putting the herbs in the vegetable container in your fridge is to set it inside the freezer, or in a container full of ice. As with most herbs that need to be stored in ice, you will need to put the herbs inside a bag and zip it prior to putting inside the freezer.

As with other herbs, you have the option of cutting the leaves into smaller pieces, although most like to use it whole. Either way, the process will preserve the herb for about a week, after which it must be used.

How to store arugula after it is harvested (procedure 3): drying

This method is not as widely utilized as the other two, but it can help. What you do here is to severe the stems you will be using and spread them on a clean piece of paper. Some will prefer to remove the stems but it may be better if you do not. The reason is that with the stems around, you can tie them together and allow it to dry.

Going through Web pages searching for ways on how to store arugula after it is harvested will often show that the methods mentioned above are the ones often cited and recommended. Whether you are new or not, you can be certain that these techniques have been proven several times.

With the knowledge of how to store arugula after it is harvested it will only be a matter of time before you see yourself using these herbs repeatedly. The process is actually a lot simpler than it seems, and even newcomers to gardening and cooking will have no trouble getting accustomed to utilizing these procedures.

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