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Storing Fennel in the Right Manner

Storing Fennel in the Right Manner

If you love using fennel but are frustrated because it has to be used immediately, then you need to know how to store fennel after it is harvested. By availing of these methods, you will be able to include it in several more recipes.

How to store fennel after it is harvested (method 1): drying

After using some herbs that you have gotten, you do not need to throw the ones that you will not be able to use. One of the most efficient methods will be drying. You can either take the branch and leaves and place them on any flat surface, or you may decide to remove the branches and just dry the leaves.

When you are using this method, remember to keep it away from the sun. Prolonged exposure to it can drain away the flavor.

How to store fennel after it is harvested (method 2): cooling

To utilize this method, you need to remove the twigs. With the leaves in hand, put them in a jar filled with cold water and seal it tight. Now set this inside the fridge and keep it there until the time comes when you will need to use it. However this is only good for up to two to five days.

How to store fennel after it is harvested (method 3): freezing

This is the best procedure to use if you are intending to keep the fennel for about five days (that is the maximum allowable for this herb). What you should do is to slice away the twigs, and cut the leaves into small pieces. Add a little bit of butter, and set the leaves inside a small tray. Put it inside the freezer.

If you want to use the leaves whole, then you can just gather them inside a plastic bag, and then place inside a freezer. Of the many methods teaching how to store fennel after it is harvested, this is usually considered as the most efficient.

However, unlike other herbs that can be kept fresh for up to two weeks, this is not possible with fennel. The maximum, as stated, is usually less than a week. Freezing may allow you to keep it for a week, but the flavor will be reduced.

Although there may be other methods teaching you how to store fennel after it is harvested, the ones mentioned above are the easiest and most efficient, and utilizing them will help you gain the maximum flavors possible.

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