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Storing and Preserving Marjoram

Storing and Preserving Marjoram

The beauty of marjoram is that it can be used in several ways and easily at that. To get the most out of this herb, learning how to store marjoram after it is harvested will be of the essence.

How to store marjoram after it is harvested (method 1): place inside the fridge

One of the most common ways in which this herb can be preserved for further use is to simply keep it inside the refrigerator. After you have cut the leaves from the plant, you should either immediately use them, or put the ones that you are not going to use in a plastic wrapper, tape it and put inside the fridge.

How to store marjoram after it is harvested (method 2): freezing

The other popular method of keeping marjoram fresh is through freezing. Here what you need to do is to take the leaves and put them inside cookie sheets. If you took out the leaves along with the branches, you can put them in the sheets as well. Once you have gathered all the leaves you need, put them inside a bag and into the freezer.

Before you do this, you might also consider chopping the leaves (throw away the twigs) and sprinkle some oil onto the crushed leaves, and then put everything onto an ice cube container. When this has been accomplished you may put it in the freezer.

How to store marjoram after it is harvested (method 3): drying

Yet another way that you can keep marjoram fresh is by drying it. The complete opposite of the freezing procedure, what you will do here is to gather all the leaves and put them inside a dark place that is very dry and without any moisture. Afterwards, you should store the leaves into a bottle and seal it tight.

Of course, it cannot be denied that no matter how many methods you study on how to store marjoram after it is harvested, the freshness may not be quite the same as that when plucked initially. However, through the used of drying (and especially freezing), you will be able to get more out of it in the long run.

If you want to add more flavor to your meals, this is one of the best herbs to use, and now that you are aware of how to store marjoram after it is harvested, it will become simpler than ever to avail of this garnishing.

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