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Simple Ways to Grow Lemon Basil

Simple Ways to Grow Lemon Basil

Lemon basils are bushy plants that ovate. It has bright leaves which are colored green and has jagged edges that can grow up to two inches in length. There are white flowers that grow along the spikes of the plant and they should be taken out because they take more nutrients of the plant. Lemon basils are used for many dishes cooked in Italy and Thailand. The seeds can be planted during the first few weeks of spring and let it grow under the good sun and regularly water it for it to grow further. The lemon basil known as Citriodorum has smaller leaves with the same lemon scent. It also has flowers with the same color. The seeds of this plant even have the same lemon fragrance.

Lemon basil belong tot he group called Lamiaceae. It can grow up to two feet in height. It can have one point seventeen feet in width. Lemon basils are considered edible herbs. They can tolerate hot weather and high humidity. They usually bloom during the middle of the summer season. The ph of the plant can range from five up to seven. The soil it should have should be clay loam or sandy. It should have regular moisture.

The younger plants should have more phosphorus to give the roots more opportunity for growth. There are fertilizers that contain phosphorus. The bags can indicate the symbol P on the next number. Put the suggested amount of the fertilizer on its soil on the first weeks after planting it. The plants should have constant exposure to the sun. It should have six hours of sunlight exposure everyday. It should be watered everyday and the excess should be drained. The soil should not be soggy.

Lemon basil is a perennial plant and this means that they also need extra care like other plants. They usually grow fast and once in a while they have to be cut for thinning them. The plant may loose more nutrients if this is not done. Pruning them out will improve the circulation of the air around them and resisting the growth of mildew.

A common problem of the lemon basil is white flies. They are smaller insects with wings and they can attack any kind of plant including perennials. They fly prefers eating the other side of the leaf. These insects can quickly multiply. The white flies can be noticed when there is one cloud of flying insects when you touch it. It can make the plant weak and it can even lead to its death if this problem is not solved immediately. A solution for this is to use mulch or foils then apply the pesticides. It also helps to shower them constantly with water.

Taking care of your lemon basil is relatively easy. The way you take care of your other plants is just the same way you should take care of this plant. Remember to use organic materials as much as possible if you want to regularly add them to your favorite dishes.

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